“INNO” educational and production technopark considered one of the largest technology parks in the Republic of Uzbekistan and began operating in January 2022. Located in Tashkent, the technology park is a modern, well-equipped educational and production complex that provides all the necessary conditions for the implementation and development of youth ideas and projects. Here you can develop your startup company more easily, meet people who work in the field of technology and have experience, share experience and knowledge with them.

Innotechnopark Area

The territory of the Inno technopark is divided into several areas, which have all the conditions for the implementation of various projects. The 1st floor of Technopark is divided into 4 parts, it has a production zone, Biotechnological laboratory, Standardization laboratory, Electronics and robotics rooms. Also, the technopark has offices for startup owners, coworking zones, rooms for conducting seminars and trainings, conference halls, a kitchen and a fitness room.


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