Innovative educational and production technology park "INNO" is considered one of the largest technology parks in the Republic of Uzbekistan and started its activities in full order in January 2022. Technopark trust management was initially carried out by D&B Masters, the trusted representative of Turkey's prestigious "Yildiz" technology park in Uzbekistan, and now it has switched to a self-management system. Located in Tashkent, this technology park is an educational and production technology park of the latest model, which meets the requirements of the time, and has all the conditions for the implementation and development of their projects and ideas of young people, scientists and business entities.

The territory of the Inno technopark is divided into several areas, which have all the conditions for the implementation of various projects. The 1st floor of Technopark is divided into 4 parts, it has a production zone, Biotechnological laboratory, Standardization laboratory, Electronics and robotics rooms. Also, the technopark has offices for startup owners, coworking zones, rooms for conducting seminars and trainings, conference halls, a kitchen and a fitness room. Currently, there are 26 modern production facilities in the production area of ​​the technology park, where the experts of the technology park and entrepreneurs operate on a lease basis.

The production area has an area of ​​1383 m2 and is fully equipped with high-tech machinery for value-added production. This area has the potential to process polymer plastics using metalworking, woodworking, additive manufacturing, and machining.
In the production zone there are more than 50 types of equipment that meet the latest world standards.
This area also includes a fully equipped VR zone for your virtual reality projects.
Here you can start your own production or order a product for your innovative projects.

Robotics Zone - divided into 3 zones for teaching and implementing electronic and robotics projects.
The first zone is the electronics room, which is designed for the design and assembly of printed circuit boards and the use of other robotic equipment. The printed circuit board design assembly workshop is equipped with anti-static tables, electron microscopes, automatic circuit board assembly machines, component welding machines, toxic air extraction filters and other devices.
The second zone is equipped with the two most famous world brands KUKA and FANUC industrial robots. Also a special exhibition. There is an activity area for training sessions and events.
The third zone is dedicated to robotics courses, which have all the latest robotic parts and teach how to build robots, from design to manufacturing.

Coworking Zone - innovators with their own startup projects, there are offices for 150 people, coworking zones, rooms for conducting seminars and trainings for students of higher education institutions.

Standardization Zone - Developing a product or service in accordance with national and international standards makes it easier to gain a foothold in the market. The standardization zone in the INNO technology park serves to bring the ideas of young people to a level that meets the standards.

The standardization zone is mainly designed for the standardization or testing of polymer and metal objects, and has all the necessary equipment for conducting several types of tests. There are also many other devices of this type, which have all the necessary conditions for those who want to work in this zone.

The standardization zone is ready to serve young entrepreneurs who want to operate in the INNO technology park. In addition, industry companies will also be able to use this service

Laboratory of biotechnology
The territory of the Inno technopark is divided into several areas, which have all the conditions for the implementation of various projects.
One of these areas is the biotechnology laboratory, which has an area of ​​680 m2 and consists of two parts.
The first is a general laboratory, which contains more than 60 types of equipment and is equipped with the latest model electron microscopes, pneumatic chambers, refrigerators that cool down to -80 degrees, ventilation devices and plates.

Also, in the laboratory of soil science , it is possible to analyze soil fertility, determine what can be planted in it, and perform many other similar analyzes. You can easily use these tools to complete your little project.

Office Zone

Educational classrooms

Additional opportunities